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Brand Story

The core values that we observe at “Tea With Herbs” come from the fact that people those are mindful of the world around them, grateful for the blessings they have are the one that elevate others as well - and make a difference.  Our key message to everyone is – Raise Awareness, Celebrate Yourself and Make a Difference in the world around you.

We believe that the choices we make every day help us grow and reflect on who we are. We believe in making and help people make the right choices.
That’s why our tea is ethnically sourced, environmentally friendly and good for your health.


About our tea:

The loose tea leaves and herbs are sourced ethically from the best farms around the world, carefully blended by experts and hand packed to ensure quality and freshness. You can sit back, relax and enjoy every sip of this gold standard tea, knowing that it not only benefits your health – it also helped many children around the world get the education they deserve.