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Exceptional Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has many benefits and some are known for many years, like, weight loss, controlling cholesterol, detoxification, etc.  Reach every now and then find even more miracles of this simple, refreshing and full of taste beverage. Below are some of the key ones. Green tea will soothe your Arthritis - Research has shown that if you sip four cups of green tea a day, you will cut down on aches and pain. Tea contains a chemical compound quercetin that acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Green tea makes your heart healthy - Green tea contains flavonoids and antioxidants that slow the breakdown of LDL cholesterol, prevent blood clots, and improve blood vessel functions as per research studies. The...

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The Story of Tea

All teas start with plucking fresh leaves. The young leaves of the tea bush are hand-plucked to select only the finest quality leaf-grade teas. With a few exceptions all Peet’s teas are “fine-plucked”. Fine plucking is the practice of taking only the top two leaves and a bud from each shoot. The finest potential flavors and aromas are concentrated in this youngest growth; making fine-plucking, one of the first steps in selecting the best quality teas for Peet’s. Coarse plucking uses the coarser more mature leaves, lower down on the shoot, which cannot deliver as fine or complex a quality due to their having more cellulose and woody structure and therefore less of the components that develop aroma and flavor...

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  There are very good reasons why you should consider switching to our organic loose leaf tea for making iced tea: It’s Healthy: Loose tea are premium in quality and combined with Organic Herbs provide better notations them bagged teas of ready to drink iced teas.  It tastes better: Since it is higher in quality than most tea bags, it gives you full favour to enjoy. More variety: When you buy tea bags, you’re limited to a few selections. With loose leaf tea, you have a wider selection. Plus you can blend teas yourself to make you own specialty   HOW TO BREW LOOSE LEAF TEA FOR A PITCHER OF ICED TEA: There are two common methods for brewing iced tea, see which...

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