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In Year 2020, keep your New Year’s resolution with a “little” help from Green Tea:

Its this time of year when all of us make New Year resolutions. Some are more committed than others. Some really want to make a change, and some just want to be socially included. Whatever your goal and level of commitment is, its good to make New Year’s resolutions.  The most made resolution usually include, quitting smoking, loosing weight, starting a business, etc. etc. Experts say, more than 80% of new years resolution commitments do not last more than a couple of weeks. I hope you stay committed to the resolution you make, and that change help make a difference in your life for good. In this particular blog, because of its nature, I will talk about how Green Tea...

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Benefits of Natural Herbs:

Good health is a product of loving yourself, focusing on the right thoughts and food. We are focusing on anti-inflammatory foods, herbs, spices that help health, energy, and vitality in this blog post. These can be taken on their own or with Organic Tea / Natural Green Tea. Click here to see our Herbal Tea collection Below is a list of common herbs and spices that you can add to your diet. These have great flavor and anti-inflammatory properties. Here are some common anti-inflammatory herbs and spices and their health benefits:   Benefits of Basil — Basil is an herb that has been shown to have beneficial properties for type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, pain, stress, ulcers, and high triglycerides.   Benefits of...

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What causes an economic recession | Richard Coffin

For millennia, the people of Britain had been using bronze to make tools and jewelry, and as a currency for trade. But around 800 BCE, that began to change: the value of bronze declined, causing social upheaval and an economic crisis— what we would call a recession today. So what causes recessions? Richard Coffin digs into the economic fluctuations that affect our modern markets. 

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