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Love yourself - Celebrate Yourself

“The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.” ~Sonya Friedman Accept yourself fully, treat yourself with kindness and respect, and nurture your growth and wellbeing. It’s not just how you treat yourself but also your thoughts and feelings about yourself. Try to imagine what you would do for yourself, how you’d talk to yourself, and how you’d feel about yourself that reflects love and concern. Have an overall positive view of yourself. By all this I don’t mean that you feel positive about yourself all the time. You can temporarily feel upset, angry, or disappointed with yourself and still love yourself. This must be confusing; try thinking of how this works in other relationships. We love our kids...

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  There are very good reasons why you should consider switching to our organic loose leaf tea for making iced tea: It’s Healthy: Loose tea are premium in quality and combined with Organic Herbs provide better notations them bagged teas of ready to drink iced teas.  It tastes better: Since it is higher in quality than most tea bags, it gives you full favour to enjoy. More variety: When you buy tea bags, you’re limited to a few selections. With loose leaf tea, you have a wider selection. Plus you can blend teas yourself to make you own specialty   HOW TO BREW LOOSE LEAF TEA FOR A PITCHER OF ICED TEA: There are two common methods for brewing iced tea, see which...

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