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In Year 2020, keep your New Year’s resolution with a “little” help from Green Tea:

Its this time of year when all of us make New Year resolutions. Some are more committed than others. Some really want to make a change, and some just want to be socially included. Whatever your goal and level of commitment is, its good to make New Year’s resolutions. 

The most made resolution usually include, quitting smoking, loosing weight, starting a business, etc. etc. Experts say, more than 80% of new years resolution commitments do not last more than a couple of weeks.

I hope you stay committed to the resolution you make, and that change help make a difference in your life for good.

In this particular blog, because of its nature, I will talk about how Green Tea can help you stay committed to your weight loss goal.  However, if you would like to learn more about how to stay committed to your other goals, please drop me a line [] and I’ll be happy to share my thoughts on that. I am always very happy to support in anyway that can to help you in personal development.

Now back to the topic of Weight loss and Green Tea. Green tea is not only delicious, but it has been recognized for centuries as having health benefits.

And more relevant to our topic, the added bonus to drinking green tea regularly is that it can actually help your body burn fat more effectively, and in turn help you to lose weight. Make sure you combine it with other diet and exercise tips. I’ll share some later in my blog.

Here are some components of green tea that can help you shed those unwanted pounds. 

  1. Green Tea is Stocked with antioxidants:
    Green tea has very high amount of Catechins, that are a strong group of antioxidants. The main content is EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), which boosts metabolism. This wonderful catechin also supports the production of norepinephrine, a hormone that is used by the nervous system to signal the breakdown of fat cells.
  1. It has only small amount of caffeine:
    Green tea contains about 24-40 mg of caffeine (in comparison, a cup of coffee contains about 100-200 mg). That caffeine acts as a mild stimulant that has been shown to not only boost exercise performance, but also aid in burning fat.

These are just a couple of the key components that make green tea a great addition to any weight loss plan. On top of that, there are plenty of other ways that drinking green tea can contribute to overall health such as:

  1. Reduced stress: Not just from drinking a comfortingly warm beverage, but also by reducing oxidative stress on the brain.
  1. Decreased risk of cancer and heart disease: The high concentration of EGCG helps fight against free radicals that damage the DNA in your cells, which has been linked to cancer and other diseases.
  1. Youthful glow: Visible aging from skin cell damage can be prevented by applying sunscreen, but drinking green tea may actually help protect DNA from harmful UV radiation from inside out.
  1. Better bone density: Polyphenols from green tea showed higher rates of bone mineral density and strength. This came after four months of test in a Texas Tech University study on rats.
  1. Detoxify your body: Green tea is rich in chlorophyll, which is that wonderful detoxifying factor in all leafy greens.
  1. Increase focus and concentration: L-Theanine is an amino acid contained in green tea that has a relaxing effect on the body, without drowsiness. This means heightened focus, with less stress at the same time.

Do you really need more reasons to start drinking more green tea? 😊

One final tip: Make sure to sit back relax and enjoy every sip. Make tea time your time. It only takes 10-15 minutes and I guarantee that you will enjoy that break. It is worth it.

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