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Fennel Tea Benefits to keep in mind!

Fennel in not an unknown ingredient in Kitchen. We use if in dishes and sometime on its own as a mouth freshener. It’s the greenish brown seeds whose is well known right from the ancient times for its goodness and benefits. Here we’ll talk about its new use and how beneficial that use can be. The Fennel Tea!

More about Fennel:

Fennel is a plant from the carrot family, its is scientifically known as Foeniculum Vulgare, and is used for both medicinal and culinary purposes. Native to the Mediterranean, this aromatic plant is now found all over the world. 

It is rich in vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, amino acids, and numerous other nutrients. The health properties of fennel tea are very far reaching and were so popular that in countries like India and China, it was used to treat snake and insect bites. In ancient Greece, Olympic athletes used fennel to enhance stamina and promote longevity. Fennel undoubtedly is one ingredient we all must include in our diet.

For the longest time its seeds and oil were used as traditional medicine in India, China, and the Middle East, and today, its use has spread across the world. Ancient Greek doctors suggest fennel tea for breastfeeding mothers in order to promote breast milk supply.

How do we make Fennel Tea?

Making basic fennel tea is very simple, just take a spoon full of fennel seeds and boil it in the water for 5 minutes. You can then strain the seeds out and voila … the great tasting, full of goodness, yummy Fennel Tea is ready to drink.  Add sweetener as you like.

However, tea enthusiast like us love to experiment and blend new and more beneficial version of the tea. Here is one very special blend with contain fennel seeds and well as Ginger Mint.

Ginger Mint Tea

Why is Fennel Tea so good?

Fennel Tea is known for many health benefits. It has many types of antioxidants and other compounds that are very good for health. It helps improve digestive functioning, enhance immunity, and also improve eye health.

Let’s see some of the health benefits of fennel tea in a little more detail.

Promote Eye Health

Fennel tea eye benefits

Studies have shown that the extracts of fennel seed have been found potentially beneficial in treatment of Glaucoma.  A study done on Persian medicine say that fennel extracts are beneficial in improving vision, as vitamin C, one of the key nutrient in fennel, plays a major role in protecting the eyes – since eyes have higher metabolic rate, they have an additional need for antioxidant protection. Some people even use fennel tea as an eye tonic or apply directly as eye drops.

In addition, fennel tea also have shown positive indications in reducing the risk of cataract formation, treatment of conjunctivitis (pink eye) and even help with eye inflammation.

Improve Digestion

Fennel seeds are known to relax the muscles and stimulate flow of bile, which helps in reducing pain and can eventually improve digestion. Fennel is one of the herbs with enormous digestion-enhancing properties. It also helps expels gas from the body and relieves bloating. Fennel encourages blood circulation to digestive tract and improve overall performance of the process.

Treat Respiratory Ailments

It is mentioned in an Egyptian study that fennel has been used for centuries for curing respiratory disorders. The herb is also used for treating excessive build-up of mucous in the upper respiratory tract. Fennel also helps to calm the spasms in the respiratory system. It cleanses the bronchial passages and keeps respiratory ailments away.

Help the Immune System

The Fennel Tea is also a great source of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system. It contains selenium that can stimulate the production of  active participants in the immune response system called T-cells. On top of that, it also have antimicrobial properties that further help enhance the immunity.

Weight Loss

Its ability to aid digestion, also result in helping weight loss – Yes, its all connected. When body’s digestion is good, it can assimilate nutrients better and keeps us satisfied and with less cravings. Fennel is considered a hot temperament herb, it helps decrease serum glucose levels, suppresses appetite and helps get rid of excess fluids and waste from the body.

Increase Heart Health

Most of us don’t know, but our liver health and heart health are very closely linked. Lever produces the cholesterol and breaks it down – and it is job of a healthy liver to break the cholesterol down more efficiently and regulate it properly. Fennel supports liver functioning and indirectly promotes heart health; it is also an excellent source of fiber. Benefits of fiber in prevention of cholesterol absorptions and for the heart health are very well know.

Fennel is also an excellent source of potassium, that helps control blood pressure and counteracts the undesirable effects of sodium. This prevents hypertension and, eventually, heart disease.

Relieve Arthritis

Arthritis and fennel seeds

Like we learned above about the fennel’s benefits in helping eye inflammation, certain other inflammatory ailments are found to respond well to fennel as per different studies. This herb increases the activity of a group of enzymes named superoxide dismutase that contributes to reduced levels of inflammation. In India fennel is one of the herbs that is extensively used for the treatment of arthritis symptoms.

Help with Menstrual Cramps

Some studies have also suggested that fennel is helpful in treating the painful menstrual cramps and regulate the thyroid to promote the healthy flow.

A study done in 2002 involving high school girls suffering from menstrual pain have show significant improvement in the condition after taking fennel extract.

Another Persian study mentions that the intake of fennel can alleviate menstrual symptoms like nausea and weakness.

Fennel Tea benefits for Babies

Kids playing

University of Maryland Medical Center mentioned that fennel tea can help reduce fussing and crying (colic) in infants because of the herbs ability to soothes the gastrointestinal tract and expelling gas. Fennel seems to have a relaxing effect on the baby’s intestines. However, it is not recommended to give fennel tea to infants under the age of 4 months with out consultation from your doctor. It is really important to keep in mind.

Help with Diabetes

Fennel is truly a super food. Fennel was one of the 10 foods found to have properties that alleviated diabetic complication in one of the research done.

Fennel, being a good source of vitamin C, can also help diabetics, as a high intake of the vitamin might lower the blood sugar levels in people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

People with high blood sugar levels are often prescribed Gluconorm-5. This drug include fennel as one if its ingredients, and it is believed that fennel in one of the reasons for this drugs ability to control blood sugar level. Fennel has a low glycemic index, which makes it more conducive to blood glucose control and a beneficial food in the diabetic diet. Both the plant and its seeds contain certain chemicals that can act against diabetes.

Potassium is another reason that fennel is so good for diabetes. Potassium increases insulin sensitivity, and therefore it can offer protection against Type 2 diabetes.

Benefits for Men’s Health

Another characteristic for fennel is as “libido-booster”; it is known to have improved sexual desires in men. It is also know to help in issues related to the bladder and prostate as well as prolong orgasms.

Helps with Acne Treatment

Skin care and fennel seeds

Fennel has some essential oils and anethole, myrcene, and limonene that have exceptional anti-inflammatory properties and can potentially help treat acne like skin conditions. It also help flush out excess liquids from the skin, which might otherwise contribute to acne and other skin related problems.


Now you know how beneficial fennel tea can be for your health, so go ahead a make one for yourself. Or even better try this herbal tea with fennel seeds and other beneficial herbs.

Here is list of one other healthy herbal tea that we have available in our store, feel free to check out and order some today.

Moroccan Mint Ceremony Tea

This traditional Moroccan tea is a refreshing blend of Chinese Gunpowder green tea and peppermint, and is great for alleviating heartburn. The classic recipe is heavily sweetened with raw sugar or agave nectar, however we’ve found that it is quite refreshing unsweetened as well.

Ingredients: Organic Tea (Camellia Sinensis), Organic Peppermint

Ginger Mint Wonders

A delicious herbal blend of chamomile, peppermint and spices, great as an after-meal tea.

Ingredients: Organic anise, organic fennel, organic chamomile, organic lemon balm, organic ginger root, organic peppermint, organic safflower

Claritea & Focus

This powerful and extremely beneficial blend combines Green Tea and Organic Herbs to create a well-balanced, potent and essential blend to increase focus and concentration.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Organic Brahmi, Organic Gotu Kola, Organic Tulsi, Organic Ginseng, Organic Rooibos

Organic Detox Sensation

Refresh and revitalize with our detoxifying Herbal Tea. A strong blend of Organic Burdock, Yellow Dock, Red Clover, Dandelion Leaf, Schisandra Berries and Lemongrass.

Our popular Organic Detox Sensation will not only help cleanse your system, you'll also love its citrusy lemongrass punch and smooth herbal note. Enough for a reason to detox 

Ingredients: Organic Burdock, Organic Yellow Dock, Organic Red Clover, Organic Dandelion Leaf, Organic Schisandra Berries, Organic Lemongrass, Natural Essences



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