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Tips For Making Tea

The method of brewing tea differs according to the type of tea and your traditional tea culture, yet it is still the simplest of tasks as it requires just good boiling water and tea leaves. The temperature of the water is important for different teas – please refer to the chart below as simple guide.

The amount of tea is generally as a rule of thumb is a teaspoon for every cup, however, this is not fixed and if you desire a strong cup adjust the quantity accordingly. Again, the chat below will give you an idea.

The tricky part of measuring tea is remembering that volume and weight are not identical. A rounded teaspoon of small-leaf tea will weigh more than an identically piled up spoon of large leaf tea. It takes what looks like a mighty mound of white tea, for instance, to make a single cup.

Some black and most greens can be completely unforgiving if steeped more than the ideal duration. Over steeped tea can be quite different than what you expect.  The chat below gives a general idea of steeping time as well. This again can be a matter of personal preference. For some teas though the steeping time should not exceed 2 mins, otherwise the tea can get bitter. The most important variable is the size of the leaf; the larger the leaf, the longer you must steep it; the smaller the leaf, the more surface it exposes to the water and the quicker the goodness is drawn out of it. Also remember the shorter the steeping time, the more aroma!

White Tea | 2 tsp. | Medium boil | 3-5 min.
Green Tea | 1-2 tsp.| Medium Boil | 2-3 min.
Oolong Tea | 1 tsp. | Medium Boil | 3-5 min.
Darjeeling Tea | 1 tsp. | High Boil | 2-4 min.
Black Tea | 1 tsp. | High Boil | 3-5 min.
Herbal/Fruit Tea| 2 tsp. | High Boil | 5-7 min.
Rooibos | 1 tsp. | High Boil | 5 min.

To make iced tea, double the amount of tea from the chart above and follow the brewing guidelines. Pour the hot tea over ice, and add more ice if needed.